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Welcome to Ashanilaya Orphanage!

20 G Cross, Ejipura Main Road, Vivek Nagar, Bangalore - 560047

We are located in the large city of Bangalore, the capital of the State of Karnataka, one of the southernmost states in India. Although southern India is known for a very hot climate, our state has lush green river valleys and a coastline with many beautiful beaches.


Our Mission is to give New Hope and create a New Future for orphaned and other vulnerable homeless children with no one to care for them and no where else to go, and for helpless children living in difficult circumstances with little or no chance of a dignified existence.

To accomplish our mission, we provide an environment of emotional and psycho-social support where children emerge empowered with the feeling of being wanted and are able to imagine a better future for themselves by dreaming big and having great ambitions.

We do everything we can to ensure they have every thing they need to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

Our orphanage was founded in 2001 with the following goals:
  • Make the children feel wanted and loved
  • Provide a safe and secure environment
  • Provide guidance and support
  • Encourage healthy habits and humanistic values
  • Make it possible for the children to imagine a better future for themselves
  • To provide a full education in English Standard schooling
Map of India with Karnataka state and Bangalore city - the place where Ashanilaya Orphanage
Ashanilaya Main BuildingThe main building of
Ashanilaya Orphanage
Happy children at Ashanilaya Orphanage (CEO of SevaChild Norway and Director of Ashanilaya Orphanage also to be seen)

All of the children cared for at Ashanilaya are orphans, have been abandoned by the parents or do not have relatives that are able to adequately care for them. Illiteracy, poor sanitation, inadequate housing, illness, poverty and an unsafe environment all contribute to the need for care of a large number of children living in Bangalore's slums.

These are insurmountable challenges for the children without the kind of help that Ashanilaya provides.

The staff at Ashanilaya is very experienced and dedicated to their mission. Through their hard work, and the generosity of their supporters, they have managed to save the lives of many children, who have gone on to live lives of independence and of making a contribution to society.

The programs at Ashanilaya are vital to the region and it is essential that this organization continue to grow and thrive. They have equally demonstrated their commitment to running an organization of the highest caliber, with complete transparency and accountability to their supporters.

Inner court yard playground
On the way to school!
After school studies at the Orphanage
Visitors and children at Ashanilaya
Children at Ashanilaya performing dance!
Ashanilaya children
Ashanilaya children having breakfast