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Join SevaChildren Norway, our international affiliates and individuals "like you" all over the world as we combine efforts to build capacity and improve the quality of care for the world's population of children at risk. Your contribution will help support the noble efforts of non-profits dedicated to bring compassion and opportunity into the lives of literally millions of innocent children in need. Make SevaChildren Norway your own Organization!

DONATIONS - Great ways to give

On this page you will find many ways in which you can contribute to our initiatives and read of the remarkable impact your donation will have on the lives of the little ones it touches. This can be done by credit card or by donating directly into our bank account through methods described under "Payment information" elsewhere on our web page. Please look up this in order for such a payment to reach us swiftly.

Child Sponsorship

For US $35 or Euro 25 / month you can change a precious life and become the light of hope to an otherwise hopeless child.

In order to fully understand the importance in supporting a single child and how this helps their family and their community as well, one must understand the conditions and environment in which the child and family live; every day, all year long and often to the end of their lives.

Just imagine your family living in a very small one-room dwelling made of mud and spending less than $1 per day to meet all their basic needs. There is no proper flooring; they eat their meager meals and sleep on the dirty floor. When the rains come the dirt becomes mud and puddles.

Sponsorship of Orphan Children

For US $35 or Euro 25 / month you can give an orphan child a proper education. But of course, to care for an orphan child requiring 24/7 attention, the maintenance cost is much higher. Learn more about Sponsorship of an Orphan Child

All Ashanilayachildren attend English Standard Schools. At the beginning of each academic year we buy all their required school materials, pay admission and tuition fees and purchase bus passes, etc. And in the course of the year several other educational expenses crop up such as school picnics, sports, and so on.

Recruit a Sponsor Recruit donors and win a trip to our projects in India! If you are recruiting 40 sponsors or more during a calendar year, you will be entitled to a sponsored trip to one of our projects in India as a reward. This will give you a unique opportunity to see "first hand" how your contribution to SevaChildren Norway is working in the field.
Give a recurring gift! Take this opportunity to join the Global community who support child aid organizations in India. If the need should arise, you can easily cancel your recurring gift at any time. This is the most useful gift you can give.

Automatic Recurring Gifts

You can give monthly recurring gifts online via PayPal or Credit Card by choosing one of the buttons below.

One-time Gifts

You can give one-time gifts via PayPal or Credit Card by choosing one of the buttons below.

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Give Life Saving Nutrients to Fight Malnutrition For only $1.00 a malnourished child can be provided with a one year supply of a vital nutrient that could save their vision and even their life. This inexpensive, essential nutrient prevents vision loss and retardation in children under 5 years of age.

Please consider a US $85 donation to provide "Supplementation" (VAS) to one hundred desperate children, or an even larger contribution to help us meet our goal to provide VAS to 130,000 malnourished children this year (2018).

Your contribution will make a big difference in the children's lives it touches.

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Bequests, the most common of all planned gifts, can be made either by including SevaChildren Norway in one''s will or through the addition of a codicil arranging for a bequest to SevaChildren Norway. A percentage of one's estate, a fixed monetary amount or a particular asset can be gifted. If you want to acquint yourself further here, please feel free to discuss this further with SevaChildren Norway. Please contact us on:
Memory Gifts Next of kin might often want to honour the deceased with a Memory Gift for a good cause. Such Memory Gifts can be deposited into our bank account no.: NO3715032248745.

If you require further information regarding Memory Gifts, or if you want to discuss further which projects such money should be going to, please contact us on:
Volunteer Would you like to help us by participating? If you have skills in fundraising, grant writing, copy writing, editing, non-profit management, accounting, public speaking or if you are a doctor, nurse, photographer, videographer, project manager or computer programmer/website developer we would like to hear from you. We need people from all walks of life who can give of their time and energy to impact the lives of children who are living in extreme poverty. Join SevaChildren Norway and individuals all over the world as we combine our efforts to bring compassion and opportunity into the lives of these little one's in need.
Please contact us on:
Sponsor a Fundraiser If you have experience in fundraising, or have an idea or resources to stage a fundraiser for SevaChildren Norway, please contact at:

To express your interest in any of these areas, or if you have another idea on how you would like to contribute, please contact at

"Hate the sin, love the sinner."

– Mahatma Gandhi

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