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SevaChildren India - Fighting Child Poverty in India

SevaChildren India is a non-sectarian, non-religious, non-communal Organization started in 2011 to fight Child Poverty in India. It consists of two independent affiliates, viz. SevaChildren/SevaChildren Norway and SevaChildren India. SevaChildren India with its registered office at Bangalore, functions as an implementing arm of SevaChildren/SevaChildren Norway. It does this by implementing the various programs with an integrated development approach and with focus on the child.

India has the second largest population in the world. An estimated 80 million of the 143 million orphans in the world live in India, and it is not possible to reach to all the children in the country with some form of assistance. We have therefore decided to restrict our programs to the two Southern States of Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

Currently, through Sponsorship, we are helping about 900 poor children. These are from 25 interior Rural Villages & a few from 5 urban Slums, and from the two Orphanages, viz. Ashanilaya Orphanage (for girls) in Bangalore and Ashagram Orphanage (for boys) in Tamilnadu. These programs are implemented with financial and technical suppport from SevaChildren/SevaChildren Norway.


Our work aimed at children's education, health care,nutrition,family development,village development, and running of orphanages need your support. Because we work through grass root level organizations, your help reaches directly to those with the greatest need. Whatever your financial contribution to this work will be, whether small or big, is always most welcome. You could also become a Sponsor for a poor Child living in an interior village or in an urban Slum.

As a Sponsor, you would help to give a poor child a meaningful future. And not only that! When you support a child through SevaChildren organizations, the child's family as well as the local community too would benefit from it. As a Sponsor you will be able to follow your child through her / his childhood education and development.


Besides Sponsorship, there are many other ways you could help our Organization. For instance you could Volunteer for:

  • Fund raising
  • Writing & sending appeals
  • Events Management
  • PR work
  • Documentation work
  • Legal work
  • Administration
  • Etc. etc.
To discuss about the various available possibilities, please click on Contact us or let us know your interest by emailing us at You can also phone to us on 91-080-42027974.
Our Mission "SevaChildren India envisions India to become a Role Model for equitable distribution of its vast resources. Our aim is to supplement the efforts of the Government and of the numerous Non-Government Organizations in raising the masses above the poverty level. We do this by principally focusing on improvement of living conditions of Children."
  • Through Sponsorship Programs
  • And adhering in our work to the UN’s Child Rights Convention
"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."

Mahatma Gandhi

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